Galymbek Yuldashev, gardener: One apple tree gives 200 kg of apple

Galymbek Yuldashev in 2000 bought two hectares of empty land near Shymkent. Before that, he worked at the plant as a mechanical engineer. In one day, he decided to start farming, quit his old job, where he earned good money and fed the family. He tried to plant onions, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Then he identified a hectare of land under the apple orchard. In 2004, he brought 230 saplings of an apple tree from Saryagash and planted them in his garden. Today, these seedlings turned into a fruit garden. Branches of apple trees bend to the ground from the severity of green and red ripe apples. Mr. Yuldashev Galymbek met us in his own apple orchard. Not having time to talk about the purpose of the visit, we started to talk to him with our questions.

– After 5-6 years my seedlings began to give a rich harvest. These were varieties such as Golden Superior, Simirenko, summer and winter apples. When choosing varieties, we should pay attention to cold resistance of apple, taste, fruit size, and ripening period. For example, in one hectare, apple trees bear fruit at different times. Each variety has its own time of ripening and harvesting. When we collect and sell off summer varieties of apples, the Golden Superior begins to ripen. Getting to the collection of this variety. For several years, the crop is sent to the North Kazakhstan region, in Petropavlovsk.  There I have people who help with the sale of apples, – says Galymbek Yuldashev.

This year, 10 tons of products were collected from 50 apple trees of summer varieties. And next week we will start picking apples of Superior variety. Now they have become ripe and have bright red color.

From early spring to late autumn he does not come out of this apple orchard. He does all the garden work together with his youngest son.

– How much effort and work you invest, so much and get the harvest. Everyone thinks that you only need to plant an apple tree, and the tree will grow by itself, annually supply you with lots of apples. But it does not work like that. Every apple tree must be watched day and night as if it were your own child. It is necessary to loosen the ground.  Give fertilizers and vitamins in a timely manner. You need to protect trees from various diseases. If you do not give mineral fertilizers and medicines in the right amount and dose, the tree may die. In Portugal, it turns out, apple trees are processed on average 17-18 times per season. That is why their apples do not spoil for a long time and are delivered to us in excellent condition. And our apples cannot be delivered there. Because we do not treat them and process 17-18 times like they do. We think about our every step, we are afraid that tomorrow someone, an adult or a child, may be poisoned by our apples.  Tomorrow, we will calculate each step, thinking about whether an adult or a child who ate our apples will get sick, whether there will be harm to health from our apples. This year we twice treated our apple orchard against pests and diseases. Then we did 4-5 times of fertilizing trees with vitamins. Our apples are sweeter than others. And the taste is different. Because we do not abuse chemical fertilizers,” he says.

Water for watering the garden he gets from the main canal Badam.  «There is no problem with water,” he says, continuing the conversation.

– Someone waters fields with alfalfa, someone has corn, someone has vineyards.  We all standing in line according to list. When it comes the turn, our moats open, the ditches and the water flows to the fields and gardens. I irrigate my garden twice a month. In the three summer months, I water the apple trees six or seven times. In addition, I want to plant apple trees on one more hectare of land. Recently, we have planted new seedlings. And between them I sow and reap alfalfa. I have a tractor that reaps, collects, transports it. It is quite old. But we are satisfied with it, the main thing that it works and on the move, – says Galymbek Yuldashev.

He says that regarding the garden, he has no problems with either water or mineral fertilizers or vitamins. It just upsets him that young people are constantly busy only with their phones and they are avoiding hard work.

«The two of us, my youngest son and me are picking apples from this one hectare orchard. We invited young boys and girls who were free to take seasonal jobs, but they have refused. Young people say they have no work. However when you invite them to work, the do not come. They consider it as a difficult job. They want to get easy money. At first,  my son did not want to work in garden as well. He worked for a salary of 50 000 tenge in a private institution. I said to him that here he will earn as much in 10-15 days as he would have received salaries in ten months. Then he started and saw it with his own eyes. Now he has many plans about an apple orchard. In the summer period, already at five in the morning we come to the garden. By 11 o’clock we finish work, and then we rest until 17.00. After we start to work again, by this time the heat subsides, and the evening coolness allows us to work productively until 10 pm or 11 pm. In the spring of last year, apple trees were slightly frostbitten and badly fruited. Even so, we earned 6 million tenge from 1 hectare of land. This year, apple trees and other fruit trees bear good fruit, there will be a rich harvest, says Galymbek Yuldashev.

He believes that “today a happy person is one who provides himself with work”. And he does not tire of sharing the secrets of growing apple trees: from planting seedlings to creating a whole apple orchard, with those who seek advice.



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