Shirkeyli canal will be modernized in Kyzylorda region

In the Kyzylorda region, the Shirkeili main canal will be modernized on the left bank of the Syrdariya River.  Hydraulic structures on the canal will be fully automated, supplying water to 72 thousand hectares of sown fields.

«This will eliminate the danger of flooding in the spring months, and in the summer peasant farms will not have to experience difficulties with life-giving moisture,”- experts say.

The length of this left-bank canal, starting from Syrdarya and passing through three districts and several settlements near Kyzylorda, is 132 kilometers. Every year, on its shores, peasant farms sow rice on an area of 52 thousand hectares. Hydraulic structures on the canal have not been repaired for 30-40 years. In recent years, some of them have become unusable, and are not able to hold water.  The peasants of the village Shagan are worried that they will not be supplied with sufficient water.

Berdibek Kadyrov, chairman of the farm:

– Rice sown on an area of 2900 hectares. Basically, our LLP is located along the shore of the Shirkeily canal, and is engaged in sowing crops. For many years, all the installations of the hydraulic structure remained abandoned, and the mechanisms became unusable.


The canal was modernized in two stages. About 4.5 billion tenge was allocated from the republican budget for these purposes. At the initial stage, 62 km of the canal  were cleaned, 4 sluices were repaired, capable of passing 200 cubic meters of water. In addition, office premises, 32 km of power lines and an auxiliary station have been modernized. Today, the second stage of canal modernization has begun. In the framework of the second stage of modernization, 5 large locks and 42 kilometers of the canal will be cleaned. A 40-kilometer power line will also be conducted, and all hydraulic structures will be automated. In this regard, it is planned to bring in digital technologies.


Zhorabek Nurymbetov, head of the production site of RSE “Kazvodkhoz”:

– With the help of the automated system, we will be able to see how much water passes through the locks to the territory of another district. Everything will be visible on the screen. This will allow us to reduce water consumption, and secondly, it will be possible to fully control the process.


According to experts, the modernization of the Shirkeily canal, which plays an important role in agriculture in the region, will be fully completed in the first quarter of next year. And the construction of a protective dam on the left bank of the Syrdarya, where a new city is being built, will be continued. To date, the construction of the dam has been completed by 88%.


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