10 people died in floods in Italy

As a result of flooding in Palermo, on the Italian island of Sicily, at least 10 people died. Among them there are children, as reports KazAkparat.

According to the Agency, 9 out of 10 dead were members of one family. Their bodies were found on the river’s coast in Casteldaccia.

Policemans are searching for two more missing. This is not the first flood in the region. On October 19, ANSA reported on flooding in Sicily due to heavy rains. According to the Association of Italian Farmers, the flood caused half a million euros of damage to the agricultural complex, its infrastructure and farmers. Many farmers have lost yields of citrus and vegetables.

At the end of August, after heavy rains in Calabria, in the south-west of the Apennine region there were the descent of ice, 11 people became victims of a natural disaster.

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