The expansion of irrigated land will increase the income of farmers.
It is strategically important to bring the irrigated area of the region to 100 thousand hectares. Director of the regional branch of the RSЕ “Kazvodkhoz” Bekzat Nametov shared the details of achieving this goal.

— At the beginning of the nineties there were about 48 thousand hectares of irrigated land in the region. In the years of economic decline, in 1993-1995, only 11,852 hectares of farmland were already irrigated. This indicator remained on January 1st, 2015, which is confirmed by official data, – confirmed the region’s chief water specialist.
In 2016, 18.3 thousand hectares were irrigated, in 2017 – 21.6 thousand. The systematic allocation of the necessary funds for the development of design and estimate documentation for the expansion of irrigated areas, the transfer of land from one property to another has moved the situation off the ground.
— A lot of work has been done in three years, the results of the measures taken are visible. As part of the order of the Head of State to restore 610 thousand hectares of irrigated land in Kazakhstan in our region through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development provides for the restoration of 15 662 hectares.
With the support of the Government of the country this year, work has begun on a total of 7 billion 156 million tenge. The first tranche will allow restoring land demanded by farmers in five districts and adjacent to the city of Aktobe. This is total 15 facilities. The ultimate goal is to maximize the potential of the three large reservoirs of the region,” – continued Bekzat Nametov.
Mastering international best practices in the efficient and high-quality civil works and the preparation for operation of design systems is invaluable. At the beginning of the year, five specialized companies started to implement projects, and at the end of November and beginning of December, about 10 thousand hectares of land are expected to be introduced. Work is in full swing in the Khromtau  (270 hectares), Kargaly (4,245 hectares), Alginsky (300 hectares), Martukom (1,800 hectares), Wilsky (5,200 hectares), districts and also in Aktobe (2,327 hectares).
— In the end, by 2021, 40 thousand hectares of irrigated land will be restored, ” – Nametov summarized. As a result, the annual gross productivity of irrigated land in our region will increase to 35 billion tenge per year. For rural residents 8 thousand jobs will appear. The fertile lands will allow us to more actively develop the business of the agricultural sector, to develop free niches in areas unconventional for our locality.
In continuation of the work started at the expense of the local budget, new feasibility study, design and estimate documentation for another 10,646 hectares have been developed, which received a positive conclusion of state expertise. They envisage activities worth 6.2 billion tenge, in which projects in Aytekebi, Khobdinsky and Wilsky districts are included. The proposals have been sent to the Ministry of National Economy for approval. The Asian Development Bank is ready to take on financing the project, and in a positive outcome, the project implementation may begin in 2019.
A feasibility study on 10 reservoirs is also being developed, they promise an additional 30,000 irrigated lands – the area of irrigated land can be doubled. If, in average, in the republic, the cost of preparing one hectare is 450 thousand tenge, in our region – 500 thousand. The lion’s share of the costs accounted for electrification sites. Environmentally harmful diesel station is not held in high esteem. Also it is significant for financing the purchase and installation of modern pumping stations. In a current days farmers are interested in the development of their farms and they are abandoning outdated equipment and previous technologies. They more actively switch from uneconomic irrigation of furrows to effective drip irrigation.

— New areas are planned to be given for modernization with the ultimate goal to get the maximum returnFor example, not 250 centners of potatoes per hectare, as once, but 500. And this is real – the company “Aktep” in the Kargaly region now received 400 centners per hectare, working on the “Business Road Map-2020”, alongside neighbors – 200 each, – specified Nametov.
He also added that in accordance with the general plan, 1,520 hectares are covered by the Aktobe green zone infrastructure development project by building an eleven-kilometer water conduit that will connect Aktobe reservoir with Sazdinka. In the future, with its help, it will be possible to constantly irrigate all the boulevards, parks, lawns, flower gardens of new neighborhoods of the city. For this, a pumping station with a water pipeline, a canal worth 275.8 million tenge is being built behind the “Nur gasyr” mosque. The project will be implemented in three stages for a total of 1 billion 361 million tenge.

Zhanat Sisekenova

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