Ramazan Dzhanbagisov, a veteran of the Ontuskauyzsu: Thoroughness leads to purity

We managed to interview the veteran Ramazan Rakhymuly, who devoted his entire working life to the water industry. And we got a little story about the difficult and interesting work in this important sphere.

– Ramazan Rakhymuly, you are one of the specialists who for many years worked in the field of drinking water, you have contributed to this important sphere. How did you come to this sphere??

– After university graduation I have started my working life with the production. In 2007-2008 I worked as the chief engineer of “LTD Turmys” LLP of the Akimat of Shymkent city. This institution is responsible for the purification and greening of the city, is engaged in irrigation work. It should be noted that at that time the institution was only beginning its work and did not have a good base. Thanks to the support of akim of the region Mr. Shukeyev Umirzak, 68 units of special equipment were allocated to us: the snow removal equipment and watering machines then we started our work. Of course we have met some difficulties, but we contributed to this important matter of improving the appearance of Shymkent.

Then I worked as a specialist in the central dispatching service of “Water resources – Marketing” LLP. In 2012, I transferred to the institution “Ontustiksushar”, which in May 2013 became known as “Ontustiukauzsu”. The purpose of the institution is to study and monitor the quality of water,  starting form the source of water to the supply of  water to the consumer and provide residents with quality drinking water.

In general, I try to be very responsible in my work, and do everything thoroughly. And from others I demand the same attitude to work. One of the main principles for me is that thoroughness leads to purity. That is, if the work is done cleanly, then there will be no shortcomings. In 2016 I have become the head of the department, and retired with honor from this position.


– Each field of activity has its own difficulties. And what are the most relevant problems you have encountered in your work in the field of water management?  And also, could you please share with your experience in solving problems arising in the course of work…

– We have worked in difficult conditions, because the period was difficult as well. We could not get the necessary equipment and materials for work. It used to happen that the company’s debt for electricity reached 12 million tenge. And without electricity we cannot supply drinking water. Besides, funds for the repair of pipes during the period of water consumption, for fuel and lubricants for the tractors, for the salary of workers were not issued by the state. It was difficult to cover these expenses. These costs had to be attributed to the cost of services rendered. For example, 8 people performed work which should be performed by a staff of 20-25 people. In 2013, we supplied drinking water to 103-110 thousand people. At first, drinking water was provided to the Otrar and Aryss districts included in the Saryagash water system. After that, groups of water systems were formed in the Shauildir, Kazhymukan, Karaspan, Darbaza, Zhetisay, Sozak districts, and the local residents were covered by the drinking water supply system. As a result, the scope of services of the institution increased by 3 times.

– Today, there are a lot of changes in the water industry. In your opinion, how good developed our water industry? How are the conditions created to meet the needs of the people?

– To tell the truth, there are a lot of things to do now. For example, we have planned a lot of work on the programs “Akbulak” and “Taza su”. The Republic has adopted a law on water. Under this law, the industry has acquired a systemic nature. For example, pipes burst from the fact that they are made of poor quality or from the wrong pressure, from violation of technology. Now such violations are not allowed, and therefore we use polyethylene pipes. And in most districts and cities of the region there are  iron pipes. Iron quickly rusts from water and becomes useless. Today, in districts and cities, iron pipes are being replaced with polyethylene. They do not harm human health. Their durability reaches 40-50 years. Now, if there are defects in the pipes, they can be eliminated in half an hour.

– In general, what could offer to revitalize the industry?

– Today there are too many “skilled craftsmen” institutions that have got the hand to win in tenders and receive funds. Such irresponsibility hinders the work on the full provision of the population with drinking water. It is necessary for the tenders to participate institutions that have real opportunities to perform work.

– What wishes and advice could give to young people who start their work in the water industry?

– When young specialists come to work, they should ask a lot from experienced colleagues, learn a lot from them. They must feel responsible for the work, must be thorough in each case.

But in general, if during the work a lot of flaws are noticed, this means that there are either irresponsible specialists or there are not enough equipment. In order to avoid such negative moments in the work, it is necessary that each specialist conscientiously and timely perform the work assigned to him.

– Usually in the work often happen memorable events. Please share with some of them.

– Sure. 2016, in the Saryagash district 2 pipelines pass under 11 ground hosts of railway. One of them – су сорғы // water pump, and second is return pipeline //екіншісі артқа қайтады. And in this place there was a breakthrough. It happened in winter, so it was very cold. Equipment was not in enough amount. Workers changed clothes several times, went down to the 8 meter well. To get to the pipe with a defect, we had to break the concrete half a meter thick, and pump out the gathered water. We could not pump out the water completely. There is no air inside the pipe. It was difficult for people to come back. But despite all these difficulties, we found a place where the pipe was broken, repaired it, and returned home at night. There were enough such memorable cases.

Thank you for the interesting interview.!


Bektai Ormanov



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