«Korikti meken» project will continue in Zhambyl region

After the Almaty region this year, the educational trip “Korіktі meken” introduces the participants to the Zhambyl region. The project participants will visit the water management facilities of state importance for 3 days, familiarize themselves with their work, will be able to talk with the experts and take a trip around the lakes and rivers of the region.

– Media representatives should know more about water problems in the country. Because the importance of this sphere is increasing every year. During our trip in each region, we will definitely cover the following issues: where do consumers of a given settlement get water, issues related to the price of water, how the Governmental programs are being implemented, the history and current situation of important water facilities.  These issues are a priority objective of the Committee of Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, and they will continue to work in this direction., – said Mr. Baigaliuly Azamat – press secretary of the Committee for Water Resources and RSE “Kazvodkhoz”.

Popular representatives of well-known in the country media and online journalism were invited to the educational trip. The project will continue and visit other areas of the country.

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